Intro Edit

The German Democratic Republic, or East Germany, was a country in Europe. It was most known for having constructed the Berlin Wall and being the front line of the communist domination.

Beginning Edit

The GDR was the result when Third Reich Germany was divided after being conquered in 1945. The USSR had taken the eastern region, and NATO had taken the western region. In 1949, the German Democratic Republic had officially been declared a country.

Berlin Wall and Cold War Edit

In 1961, the GDR had began the construction of the Berlin Wall. This wall had been a symbol for the communist domination of Eastern Europe. This was referred to as the Iron Curtain. Throughout the Cold War, this wall was seen as the front line of NATO and the USSR's influence.

Ending Edit

In November 1989, the Berlin Wall had been taken down. This was a symbol of the communist domination of Europe coming to an end. Afterwords, in December 1989, the German Democratic Republic had come to an end. East Germany had then joined with and became part of West Germany. This whole, independent country is called the Federal Republic of Germany.

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